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Nick Coleman Nick Coleman
Location: London / Devon
Member since March 2013


2009/10 RRD X-Fire 120

Date Added: 29∙Mar∙2013

New Message about 2009/10 RRD X-Fire 120

Selling Details

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Have bought a newer one

Postage: I regularly travel between London and Devon - So I am sure we can work something out

Product Spec:

Brand: RRD

Width: 75 cm

Volume: 120 Ltrs

Range of use: Race

Product description

Very good condition X-Fire 120.

This has been my light wind blasting board with a 7.0. A lot of fun - a lot of speed.

Board - but no fin.

I bought it second hand and have had it for three years. The previous owner found it too fast and had damaged the nose - but had it repaired well enough that I am not sure where the injury was.

The RRD website

Some bloke videoing whilst sailing one.

Read what Finian Maynard said about it

Hear what Roberto Said about them

Read what they said about the shape in 2010 as it became the firerace that year

Owner Review

Fun and fast board to sail.

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