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2009 Exocet Warp SL 56 Black Machine!

Posted on 04/08/2013

New Message about 2009 Exocet Warp SL 56 Black Machine!

Selling Details

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Reducing amount of kit!

Postage: Collection preferred.

Product Spec:

Brand: Exocet

Width: 56 cm

Volume: 80 Ltrs

Range of use: Race

Product description

Excellent condition high wind slalom/GPS board. Will include a 30cm Meanline carbon fin and an older 10mm coffin bag (bit too big but works!) at current price.

Owner Review

Superb high wind slalom board or GPS board. Super easy to sail, gybes beautifully.

Bryn Dampney

Seller: Bryn Dampney

Location: Plymouth Member since April 2013

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