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Mark Smith Mark Smith
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2009 Real World Wave

Date Added: 28∙Apr∙2013

New Message about 2009 Real World Wave

Selling Details

Location: Hart, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: New board in Quiver

Postage: Pickup in person or by courier

Returns None

Product Spec:

Brand: JP

Width: 55.5cm cm

Volume: 74 Ltrs Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

As the advert title says this is a used 2009 74 litre JP Real world Wave in Pro Edition construction. It is a great onshore wave board and is in excellent condition. It has a few scratches in the paintwork on the rails but otherwise is unmarked. It was a Boards test winner and details from JP are below:


Volume 74 liters Length 231cm Width 55.5cm Weight PRO+/-6% 5.4kg

PRO EDITION in Carbon Kevlar, Biax Carbon Technology with G10 fins. Super Limited Silver Finish. FULL WOOD SANDWICH Technology with Double Sandwich and Biax Carbon Reinforcements. Limited Finish.


The Real World Wave is a test winning design concept, proven year in and year out to be the ideal choice for any wave conditions around the world. International magazine tests credited the JP Real World Wave as the only wide body board delivering a direct rail to rail wave riding feel which so far has only been associated with narrow wave boards.

NEWS For 2009, overall handling and performance have been improved. They provide greater control when things are critical, like when you are powering hard through the turn towards the lip. The slightly narrower outline gives you the ability to adjust your turn at any time, setting yourself up for a radical cut back or aerial. Additional curve in the outline between the straps compensates for the reduced planning surface of the narrower mid section. Combined with a thinner and more pointy pin tail this feature allows the rider to turn even tighter and snap the board off the most critical lip - a totally radical feeling.

In less than ideal conditions the Real World Wave Line continues to deliver the performance you need to keep a radical surfy style, with big hits, radical cutbacks and unparalleled wave maneuver potential. A soft tucked line in the board’s mid section transforms to a sharp thin rail at the tail and provides the sailor with unmatched comfort and grip when it’s needed.

They are not demanding to the rider and require very little input but have great wave riding potential. True Real World Wave boards, which feel at home in any kind of conditions. The number one choice if you sail a lot in less than ideal wave conditions.

Owner Review

Great little onshore wave board

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