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Mike Archer Mike Archer
Location: South East England
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2014 Simmer Flywave 85L

Date Added: 18∙Jul∙2014

New Message about 2014 Simmer Flywave 85L

Selling Details

Location: Suffolk Coastal, GB

Condition: New

Reason for Sale: Change in board sponsor

Postage: Postage £25 mainland uk. Will post abroad

Product Spec:

Brand: Simmer

Volume: 85 Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

This is a brand new not even unwrapped 2014 simmer flywave 85l retails at£1,499.00. I am selling it as have changed board sponsor and cant use it now. Pick up a bargain.



The Flywave boards are designed to excel in the best breaks and never limit the rider regardless of how heavy the wave is or how hard the rider charges. The number one priority with the design is to maximize mobility without any compromises in looseness, precision or control. The efficiency of the Flywave boards also means you don’t have to oversize them to get good performance in lighter winds.

The Flywave boards come with Mission front fins and Blacktip rear fins for ultimate control and looseness. The can be tuned toward a drivier feel and even better mobility with the Icon rear fins or toward a snappier and less fin driven feel with the Mission rear fins. A full Blacktip setup with big fins up front is another option for the ultimate combination of looseness and carving top turns.

Owner Review

10 out of 10

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