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75L RRD limited edition Wave Cult Quad

Date Added: 13∙Oct∙2013

New Message about 75L RRD limited edition Wave Cult Quad

Selling Details

Location: Earley, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Replaced with a newer board

Postage: The board will have to be collection only due to the size, and cash on collection only please. I may be able to deliver to the Shoreham, Hayling, Bournemouth and possibly south Wales areas on a windy weekend. I'm also at the NWF festival at Hayling this weekend

Returns None

Product Spec:

Brand: RRD

Width: 56 cm

Volume: 75 Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

For sale is my 75L RRD lightweight limited edition Wave Cult Quad from year 2011. This has been great board to ride in waves and strong winds. When I brought it, it had only been used 4 times by the previous owner and was in as new condition. I’ve used it maybe a dozen times and always kept it in a board bag so it’s still in excellent condition. There is a small chip on the nose and I’ve just had a very minor repair done to the tail where the previous owner had knocked it in a car park.
It comes with the original footstraps and all 4 fins.

The dimensions are 238x56

Here’s a review form Surfladle.

General Sailing
The Quad 75 planes and accelerates well for a waveboard. It has better grip and is more directional than a twin fin, but still feels like a multi-fin board in that it sits more in the water and there is little or no lift from the fins (as you would get with a single fin). The ride is very smooth and controlled and it handles chop very well. The Quad 75 also storms upwind. I had on onshore session at Wittering with a friend who was riding a twin and it was very noticeable how much higher the Quad 75 pointed on the way out. A big plus for getting out in onshore conditions and getting upwind to catch waves.
So far I have sailed the Quad 75 with both 4.7 and 4.2 m2 sails. On one of the 4.2 days I was overpowered and eventually had to give up as I could not hang on to the sail, however the board itself remained very well behaved. So it appears to have very good top end control and should handle a 3.7m2 sail without any problems. Another session on a 4.7m2 was gusty with the wind shifting direction (so much that I ended up sailing on both tacks in the same session!) and I was surprised how well the Quad maintained it’s speed during the lulls.

I’m happy to send more pictures if you require them, or answer any questions.

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