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AHD freestyle 102 2007

Date Added: 14∙Jun∙2013

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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: couier or collect

Product Spec:

Brand: AHD

Product description

Your imagination is the limit.

We have redrawn our freestyle range inside 2 new shapes, the 102 and the 90. They have been developed for Freestylers, who are waiting from their board reactivity and tolerance. The wide compacted outline on a rather stretch rocker line assures an immediate planning, and a light feeling even with low speed. The volume balance is better this year with a less powered tail but that reminds with good support and tolerance in moves with the new bulging tail (bomb-tail). Our Freestyles are more "sailing", able to surf small waves that make then more versatile, increasing their potential. The voluminous rounder rails associated to a rather flat deck optimise the relation stability/action. All moves are accessible when the shape helps you to do them.

Shape characteristic:

Scoop: rather stretch for quick planning and speed
Outline: wide compact, it brings support for quick planning, stability and reactivity
Rails: rather voluminous and round forward, for manoeuvrability and tolerance
Double concave: under the feet area, it is stretching the rocker line to increase speed
Vee: under the nose section and on the tail, it gives control and easiness for moves
Bomb-tail: a little more volume under the back foot for a better support and tolerance in moves
Volume: 90 l. 102 l
Length: 236cm /71 8" 237.00 cm7' 9"
Width: 61cm / 25" - 66cm / 26"
Width ofo :39.90cm / 15 3/4" - 44.10cm / 17 1/4"
Weight: 6.50kg - 6.70 kg.

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