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ahd seal 74 litres windsurf board

Date Added: 14∙Jun∙2013

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Selling Details

Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: Courier or collection

Product Spec:

Brand: AHD

Width: 58 cm

Volume: 74 Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

ahd seal 74 litres windsurf board

This board triggered a true revolution in the wave discipline, for perfect or light conditions.
The shape has proven to be even more efficient: its manoeuvrability has never yet been equalled on the market; its capacities for surfing are amazing; its control is incomparable in high winds.
The more one sails on this board, the more one discovers the wideness/diversity of its qualities. Tuned in tri fins the board is explosive, expressing itself in movement demanding action and more action. The Seal is a unique shape, a true innovation enabling riders to pull of three bottom/rollers where a traditional board would only enable one.

Extremely compact, 213cm long for all three volumes, the foot straps are instantly reached in order to realize all jumps wave after wave.
Tuned in single fin the Seal becomes a compact board offering the largest possible range of use. It offers the best control in the highest winds even in the gustiest conditions.

This season we have decided to offer a complete range around the famous 88:
The 74 is dedicated to lighter riders or stronger conditions. When we know that the 88 gets ridden perfectly with a 4.2 it is not difficult to imagine this little Seal in the wildest conditions.
The 102 is a true sailing surf! From 5 knots wind onwards, it will satisfy the bigger riders;
They will have finally found a nervous and reactive board of average 100 litres! This board offers them the possibility of surfing shorter and faster than with a traditional wave board.
The Seal Concept: speed and extreme surfs, with control and a large range of use.

Shape characteristics:
•Scoop: high, straight flat on the tail for a perfect planning and a better speed.
•Outline: curve and very compact for more manoeuvrability, reactivity and stability, planning, control in high wind.
•Rails: voluminous, round, thin on the front section for better manoeuvrability, control and stability in surf.
•Double concaves: narrow and deep under the foot zone, makes the board accelerate.

Volume: 74 litres
Length 213cm
Width 58cm
fin size 19-25cm US box
Sail Size 2.9m-5.5m

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