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Luke Ridgway Luke Ridgway
Location: Wimborne, Dorset.
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ENTIRE KIT | Tabou 3S 97L + 4 Sails & Everything you need!

Date Added: 15∙Aug∙2014

New Message about ENTIRE KIT | Tabou 3S 97L + 4 Sails & Everything you need!

Selling Details

Location: East Dorset District, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: House renovation = no free time & lack of use :(

Postage: Collection preferred. Can possibly deliver locally by prior arrangement (and fuel considered).

Returns no returns

Product Spec:

Brand: Tabou

Width: 62 cm

Volume: 97 Ltrs

Range of use: Any

Product description

Hello. This listing is for ALL of my beloved windsurf kit :)
It includes everything in the photographs. All you would need to get out sailing is a wetsuit!

***Please see ALL the items in the pictures on:

√ Tabou 3S 97L (with original Tabou 28cm free ride fin + UJ and mast base (& Neil Pryde mast base protector))
√ North Superstar 4.7
√ Gaastra Netwave 5.0
√ Tushingham Storm 5.5
√ Tushingham Scrambler 5.9
√ 2 masts (one with 2 top sections)
√ Boom (140-200) with harness lines and up-haul
√ 2 Neil Pryde Seat Harnesses. (I know, I know. But I just read an article saying how they are better for blasting!!)
√ Mast Extension (can't remember the figures - but its works for all these sails)
√ Extra fin (bit longer - more for blasting with a big sail in lighter winds - never used it myself with this board, but it does fit)
√ 2 spare sets of harness lines
√ 2 spare Neil Pryde footstraps (one is on board, so 3 actually)
√ Spare uphaul
√ Various deck plates, UJ's...
...and a screw √

All yours for a bargain! √


Owner Review

So, a quick honest summary:

Board: Tabou 3S (three style) 97 litre.
A brilliant all rounder! You will see I have added another back foot strap last time I was out.. This is the purpose of the 3S - configure it for whatever type of sailing you want to do.. I have sailed it off the front in waves, in the harbour (chop!) and began trying some basic freestyle.
I honestly can't remember what year it is. I wonder if its 2008?
Its in good condition - no repairs. Its had extremely little use in my possession. haven't used it for over a year now! hence the sale.
It does have usual expected marks and scrapes - but I would say all of these were there when I bought it.
It has a nose protector too, ready for some freestyle attempts...
All the other kit, as you will see... is getting old!
It all rigs up and works fine..
4 Sails:
I don't know the ages of the sails..
I have had some brilliant fun on all the sails.
The Tushingham Storm 5.5 has a teeny tear in it, which is shown in photograph on
I don't think this affects the sail at all.. and have still used it as it is, with a bit of tape over it.
The green gaastra net wave is a bit 'crisp packety', but still powerful in portland harbour:) Which was the only time I have used it! (most of the time I ended up on the 5.5)
There are 2 masts. they are not skinny, but the good ol' fat type!
One is carbon (lhs in photo).
The other is a mixture which is unknown. Poss a good one in its day - I bought it from a friend who is a very good sailor! The blue top section (middle in photo) is used to create a shorter mast with the bottom section of the mast on the right in the pic.
I don't know what make they are.
ALL the other bits photographed all come with it.. and sorry, but I won't split.. its all or nothing.
I know its not the best kit out there, but I hope that someone like me who is on a budget, and keen to get out on the water and stick it to the rich kids will benefit from this kit which has served me very well for the last, crikey... decade!
To avoid me writing a novel here, please ask if you have any questions, I am happy to help.
Many thanks.
Luke :)
***Please see ALL the items in the pictures and more on:

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