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Evo 71 IQ

Date Added: 18∙Feb∙2014

New Message about Evo 71 IQ

Selling Details

Location: Eastleigh, GB

Condition: Used

Postage: Based in Hamble. Can deliver to London or Basingstoke area easily.

Product Spec:

Brand: Starboard

Volume: 71 Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

Brilliant all round wave board for lighter sailors or strong wind wave board for heavier sailors.

Has had a few dings and a few areas where the paint has worn away - but all repaired and water tight. (just need a good sand and paint). The small repairs you can see were done last summer and I have been sailing the board through the winter and it has been absolutely fine.

Wood carbon construction means that it is super light and I have found it to be very durable too.

Board can be sailed on a single fin or twin fin and I have all the fin slots so if you decide to sail it as a single you can fill in the twin slots. (i find it definitely sails best as a twin fin though

The brown marks you can see towards the nose of the board is parcel tape that just needs peeling off.

Selling due to an upgrade to the 2013 version. Price includes the single fin that came with the board. (will add in the k4 fins pictured for an extra £15)

Open to offers.


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