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Paul Simmons Paul Simmons
Location: Chichester
Member since May 2013


Ezzy Elite 2013 5.3

Date Added: 02∙Jul∙2014

New Message about Ezzy Elite 2013 5.3

Selling Details

Location: Chichester, GB

Condition: Used

Postage: Collection from Chichester (or I travel to Swindon most weeks and we can meet somewhere between)

Product Spec:

Brand: Ezzy

Sail Area: 5.3 m

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

Excellent condition, little use. Bright green colour, very striking on water! This 4 batten is a lovely sail, much better than the 5 batten it replaced and lighter. Can send detailed photos (pic shows photo from Ezzy site - it is a 5.3!)

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