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Fanatic Quad 2011 81L

Date Added: 13∙Mar∙2013

New Message about Fanatic Quad 2011 81L

Selling Details

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Have not used the board as have an 87 as well.

Postage: £20 delivery anywhere in the uk. Or can arrange pick up form south coast, London and south east locations. Will also post abroad Fee varies

Returns N Returns

Product Spec:

Brand: Fanatic

Product description

A really good all rounder of a board. Gets planing really easily and is controllable in high winds

2011 Quad

Silky 2nd generation Quad line’s leapt to a different level. Pintail shapes built for the 4-fin concept give ultimate, dragless traction from slab surf to slush. Now earlier-planing thanks to wider outlines, smart volume flow and less tail kick, they’re faster too with a flat power section between the straps. All the extra acceleration and speed complements the tight turning ability from higher scoop entry, shorter length, awesome pintail release and extra fin toe grip for cranking it on. Now sporting the lighter, streamlined Slot Box and a broader spectrum of size choice there’s a clean-carving Quad for you. The GDS as a lightweight, yet affordable Glass construction. All with quality Choco fins and weight-saving matt finish bottoms.

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