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Fanatic Skate 100L 2011

Date Added: 19∙Nov∙2013

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Selling Details

Location: Maidenhead, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: New board on route.

Postage: I can arrange delivery but collection in person would be better. I an prepared to meet half way if required

Returns no returns

Product Spec:

Brand: Fanatic

Width: 63.5 cm

Volume: 100L Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

Board: Skate 100
Volume: 100L
Length: 325cm
Width: 63.5cm
Weight: 6.5kg

Technology: Biax Glass Sandwich Light Technology.
Fittings: Fanatic Freestyle 22 Prepreg; Power Box.
Sailsize: 4.5 – 7.0 m²

The Skate is a new generation type of board intended to suit dedicated freestylers.

The board is designed by Fanatic team in collaboration with renowned pro riders and champs and it is guaranteed to offer performance close to perfection. The board has a compact and narrower profile, so it feels very agile from the first moment it is set on the water. The round nose and full outline assure excellent control during water and aerial maneuvers. The board has quite a pop and can perform spectacular jumps and lifts. The optimal volume distribution keeps it very steady and easy to handle in most wind and wave conditions. The board features a special pintail which provides optimal release and better turning performance.

The thinner rails between feet provide exceptional carving performance, while the softer nose rails assure catch free sliding. The board planes super easy and it is very easy to control. It is perfect for both beginner and expert freestyle riders.
This board is in good condition just the usual beach marks on a 2 year old board.

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