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Location: Basildon, Essex
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JP Allride Pro 116L 2012

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Location: Basildon, GB

Condition: New

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Product Spec:

Brand: JP

Width: 65.5 cm

Volume: 116 Ltrs

Range of use: Any

Product description

JP Allride Pro 116 2012

The "Multi Purpose" concept between Freestyle Wave, Freestyle and Super Sport. They are easy planing, super comfortable to ride and get really fast. Probably the easiest and most forgiving medium wind jibing boards available today. Simple plug and play windsurfing - jump on and have fun.


The 116 uses a performance oriented rocker line from the Super Sport range. The 96 uses one which is close to the Freestyle Waves. The 106 is a combination of the two.

A unique bottom shape, consisting of Vee in the mid section of the board combined with double concaves, makes it easy to initiate maneuvers and adjust the radius and carving angle of the jibe. A big advantage is the comfortable ride. The Vee in combination with the double concaves just swallow any chop and provide a super comfortable ride.

Our trademark channel concept provides great performance (early planing, high speed) and excellent maneuverability since the rail line has more bottom curve than the inside area of the channel. The channel edge also creates extra lift and grip for maneuvers.

The rather straight outline between the foot straps makes the board very stable in straight line sailing and provides even pressure on the front and back foot resulting in a very comfortable stance. The deck has a constant radius in the standing area, you always feel connected to the board since it perfectly fits the arch of your foot.

The wide tail makes jibing effortless. The board remains controlled and predictable as you enter the jibe. At the middle of the turn a great gliding sensation kicks in. The board remains stable and calm as you go into the foot change. After the rig flip the power comes on smooth and you accelerate rapidly back to top speed. It almost jibes itself. You only need to initiate the turn and it holds that carving edge - it's so easy!

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