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Location: Southampton
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JP Radical Wave 74 Litre 2007

Date Added: 14∙Jun∙2013

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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: courier or collection

Product Spec:

Brand: jp

Width: 54 cm

Volume: 75 Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

Brand New JP Radical Wave 74 Litre 2007 windsurf board

SERIOUS STUFF Perfected in the best wavesailing venues around the world the Radical Waves will take you as far as you want to go, and back again. These boards are perfect in their element when the surf conditions get big and the wind starts to blow. Consistent development over the years has resulted in a board famous for their grip and precision, resulting in a design that gives the experts unlimited potential and the advanced rider unbounded confidence. Nothing holds these boards back on your way to new wavesailing heights. The JP Radical Wave 07 models are the culmination of carefully studying the best characteristics of their predecessors and meticulously incorporating those qualities into each model. For the new generation, Richard Greene also focused on improving the small wave riding capabilities, carrying even more speed through the bottom turns and improving the ease to bring the boards from rail to rail.

DEVELOPMENT FOCUS •Improve small wave riding capabilities, carrying speed, easy rail to rail •Early planing, speed and stable bottom turns •Don't compromise high performance to broaden range and accessibility •These boards have to rip in all conditions •Excellent modulation, short or long arcs directly linked to foot pressure

2007 SHAPE NEWS •Shorter than the 06 models for a more compact look and feel. •Thin sharp rails in the tail for incredible grip in the cutback and improved control on the wave face. •Balanced volume distribution for comfort and ease, especially in marginal conditions. •The subtle bottom shape with single concave under the mast, transitioning into slight double concaves with a gradually increasing Vee offers amazing bite for high speed turns. •The perfectly coordinated Vee and rocker offer unparalleled rail to rail transitions and effortless planing. •Fast under the front foot and loose under the rear foot give the Radical Waves unequalled versatility. •New fin design for 07 was co-developed with the Radical Wave prototypes. They match perfectly.

MAIN FEATURES •Close to traditional waveboard outline (not to wide) •Thin rails •Polakow pintail •Radical Wave scoop rocker and outline •Single concave to double concave bottom •US fin box RIDER Advanced Wave Sailors to Professionals who want a board that won?t hold them back and which has no limits concerning wave size.

SUMMARY Competition proven high performance waveboards which will allow advanced wave sailors and professionals to explore and push their limits.

Length 239cm

Width 54cm

Volume 75 litres

Sail size 4.2cm-5.4cm

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