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JP Superlight Wind Pro 2013, 154 litres, Excellent condition

Date Added: 21∙Jun∙2014

New Message about JP Superlight Wind Pro 2013, 154 litres, Excellent condition

Selling Details

Location: London Borough of Camden, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Not really for a beginner like me

Postage: Pick up from West Hampstead London or you can arrange a courier collection after paying via paypal.

Product Spec:

Brand: JP

Width: 90 cm

Volume: 154 Ltrs

Range of use: Any

Product description

Great condition and I have hardly used it as found out that unfortunately it was a bit advanced for me. There's a tiny repair you can just make out on the nose…almost invisible, (see photo.)

Comes with bag and original fin.

Retailed at £1699 last year.

Thanks for your interest.

From the JP site:


Planing is what makes windsurfing so fascinating. We all have been sitting on the beach thinking – there is wind but it’s just not enough to get planing? Here is our solution.

The Super Lightwinds start planing as early as Formula boards – when there are no white caps in sight. Contrary to Formula boards it is much easier to get in and out the straps. Jibing the Super Lightwinds is also a pleasure compared to any Formula board.

The 90 is basically a bigger brother of the sporty Super Sports aiming at advanced riders. The 92 is the bigger sibling of the comfortable, but still performance oriented X-Cite Ride. It has additional, further inboard footstrap plugs and works also great for less advanced riders as it gets planing super early even with a passive sailing style. Both are made to have fun in really light winds.


To get the boards easily planing without the special technique of Formula sailors we made them substantially longer than Formula boards. This also makes the boards more stable in non-planing conditions.

The scoop rocker lines come from our big Slalom boards since they are also developed for high speed runs. As they are not quite as wide as a formula board (100 cm) we managed to achieve big handling advantages.

The rail shape in combination with the race deck allows the rider a very comfortable sailing stance. The strap positions come from the Super Sport (SLW90) respectively from the X-Cite Ride (SLW 92) boards.

They jibe easy and stay on the plane through the turn. We achieved this rather unusual characteristic for such wide boards by using a new Vee flow concept. More V in the mid section of the board where it is wide, makes it easier to rail the board up and initiate the turn.

Towards the tail we reduced the Vee to guarantee maximum control on high speed runs. We also used big tail cut-outs for better release and a looser feel of the boards. The board shapes in combination with the 56cm molded Carbon fin make them real pleasure boards for reaching.


They will get you planing in minimal winds and deliver an unknown combination of totally relaxed blasting and an electric sensation of speed. Those sitting on the beach will be jealous. Sheet in and go.

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