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MaverX Daytona 300 430 Mast

Posted on 06/14/2013
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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: collection or courier

Product Spec:

Brand: Maverex

Length: 430 cm

Range of use: Race

Product description

MaverX Daytona 300 430 100% Carbon Windsurf Mast 2006

430 / 21 IMCS

Slalom race mast - 100% carbon prepreg.

This is the highest performance mast ever built by MaverX, thanks to the use of more technologically advanced carbon fibres ( with extremely high mechanical characteristics) which have been specifically preimpregnated to achieve exactly the characteristics we wanted to excel in this extremely technical discipline.
The curves have been studied thoroughly, taking into account the precious feedback given by our test riders on the water. We have used these masts in the most developed race sails and in nearly every case the performance of the sail has been improved! Every detail has been checked because in this discipline the slightest difference in the rig make the difference between winning or losing a race.

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