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Naish Kailua 230 2011 with 5.5m Ride Rig

Date Added: 06∙Apr∙2013

New Message about Naish Kailua 230 2011 with 5.5m Ride Rig

Selling Details

Condition: New

Postage: collection or courier

Product Spec:

Brand: naish

Width: 100 cm

Volume: 230 Ltrs

Range of use: Freeride/Recreational

Product description

Naish Kailua 230 Litre 2011 Board with Fanatic Ride 5.5 metre Rig
Package includes: Naish Kaliua 2011 230 Litre, Fanatic Ride 5.5 metre sail, epx mast, boom, drop on extention and bag for the rig (not board)
The new extended Kailua line sets the standard for modern beginner boards. Stable, durable, and easy to handle, the Kailua range is also hard to outgrow.
This ultimate school board range is both the ideal choice for beginner level sailors of all weights AND an excellent introduction to the world of planing.
The classic Kailua 230 has a retractable daggerboards to facilitate sailing at its most basic level.
This makes it the industry’s foremost modern beginner board, and a fun alternative for any sailor simply looking to get on the water in light wind.
Sizes: 230

• ASA construction on 230

• Full traction eva deck
• integrated nose bumper
• Composite Fins
• allgaeuer daggerboard on Kailua 250 xR,230 & 180

Fanatic Ride 5.5 metre Rig

The Fanatic Ride is perfect for all windsurfers who want to keep it simple! No confusion or hi-tech over-engineering, these sails are all about fun and freedom! The rigs are supplied complete with mast, sail, boom with uphaul, and extension, in a handy bag to keep all the parts together for your next windsurfing session.

Design Features:
Modern performance shape - a great allround shape that will suit both modern and older style boards, with a huge wind/trim range
High quality materials - best combination of durable yet light weight construction, especially in key stress areas
Compact luff/boom length - Makes the sail more compact and keeps components to minimum
Batten tensioner - integrated hex key driven batten adjustment system; aerodynamic, effortless batten trimming.

Size: 5.5
Max. boom (cm): 179
Max. luff (cm): 438
Mast: RIDE 430/21

Mast-Extension (cm): 25
Boom (cm): RIDE M 160-215 incl.uphaul and outhaul rope
Fittings: Zipper bag (nylon) where all the rig parts fit in, 5 battens

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