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Naish Scout SE 5.5m 2007

Posted on 06/14/2013
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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: collection or courier

Product Spec:

Brand: Naish

Sail Area: 5.5 m

Range of use: Freeride/Recreational

Product description

Naish Scout School Edition 5.5m 2007

The Scout SE is a durable, entry-level sail designed for windsurfing schools. Low downhaul tension makes it easy to rig, and the moderate outline and short batten configuration make it light, balanced and easy to handle, in short the ideal learning tool.

- Faired luff-curve works with a wide range of masts
- Shaping optimized for easy tuning
- Moderate aspect ratio feels balanced and neutral

- All dacron construction makes it tough and light
- PVC window is bombproof and allows maximum visibilty
- New patch designs save additional weight

Technical Features
- Tack strap makes rolling sail a cinch
- PVC seam protection in tack area eliminates chafe

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