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Naish Session 5.3 metre 2011

Posted on 06/14/2013
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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: collection or courier

Product Spec:

Brand: Naish

Sail Area: 5.3 m

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

Naish Session 5.3 metre 2011
Colour: Red/White
The Naish Session is a purist wave sail from 3.7 - 5.3, then morphs into the ultimate all around wave/bump and jump/freestyle sail from 5.7 all the way up to 6.7.
The entire range features a draft-forward shape and moderate aspect ratio. This results in a soft feel and balanced front hand pressure yet with plenty of available power for the non-stop surfing performance.
The result is both the best down-the-line sail on the market AND the ideal all-around wavesail for smaller, lighter riders, plus new sizes that are the perfect solution for bump and jump sailing.
Sizes: 5.3 metres

Construction:Ultralight Surf

Purpose: Sideshore surfing, all- around wavesailing for lighter riders

Characteristics: Draft forward, soft leech, light feel - large sizes optimized for bump and jump

Geometry: Single Dacron luff panel, moderate aspect ratio, 5 battens

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