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Tristan Banahan Tristan Banahan
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Neil Pryde Windsurf Sails H2 2013 8.7M

Date Added: 06∙Aug∙2014

New Message about Neil Pryde Windsurf Sails H2 2013 8.7M

Selling Details

Location: East Dorset District, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: selling as I have now bought formula windsurfing gear!

Postage: Collection or £15.00 for delivery

Product Spec:

Brand: Neil Pryde

Sail Area: 8.7 m

Range of use: Any

Product description

2013 8.7M Neil Pryde H2 race sail

See eBay for online auction

6 months use in good condition
includes sail bag and sail kit
cleaned in fresh water after every sail

great powerful sail and easy to rotate the cambers in little wind
this sail will get you going in 10 knots
easy to handle in overpowered conditions

Grab a bargin £245

rigs on a 490 mast

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