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Oxenden enclosed windsurfing trailer

Date Added: 04∙Mar∙2014

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Selling Details

Location: The Polygon, GB

Condition: Used

Postage: Buyer collects. Viewings welcome. tel: 0776 3810578

Product Spec:

Brand: Oxenden

Product description

Used, but in good condition. There is some discoloring of the aluminium, but no serious corrosion. Bearings and suspension in good working order. Lock has some corrosion but still works fine and is secure.

Electrics work fine, but left lights casing has been damaged and is taped up.

Both tyres + spare have plenty of tread.

Includes hook up locking mechanism and key.

Carries 4 boards + 8 sails, masts and booms comfortably.

Has roof bars for extra boards or SUP.

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