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Powerex Wave 400 Carbon 60 Mast 2009

Date Added: 14∙Jun∙2013

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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: courier or collect

Product Spec:

Brand: powerex

Length: 400 cm

Range of use: Any

Product description

Powerex 400 Wave Mast 60% Carbon SDM 2009
We focused on this line to offer in shorter sizes the perfect SDM mast for Wave riders, for people who still want to sail on an SDM mast under extreme wave conditions. The taper is thinner compared to the FREE line but still big compared to our RDM line. The mast is a 60% carbon with a 40% glass epoxy fiber. The mast has been also built with Ultra Stratification technology where the pre-pregs of glass and carbon fibre are matched electronically to ensure a perfect quality. This mast is particularly suitable for customers looking for a more durable version of the FREE line. The boom area is protected by the exclusive transparent polymer shield to avoid overstress from the boom front. This mast has also the autoclave consistency production process, this is available to very few companies and involves curing the carbon under high pressure, literally driving tiny air bubbles that cause imperfections out of the mast. The masts feature the exclusive process of the Aero Sanding Joint where the joint is sanded by air-pressure to ensure that the joint area is ground the same over the whole surface, avoiding the sections becoming stuck together.
Exclusive feature of Wave Line:
- UST Ultra Stratification Technology
- PROTECTED Transparent-Polymer Boom area

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