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Christophe cardon Christophe cardon
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Sell POWEREX 370 rdm mast (base only)

Date Added: 16∙Mar∙2014

New Message about Sell POWEREX 370 rdm mast (base only)

Selling Details

Location: London Borough of Bromley, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: no use of it (back-up mast base)

Postage: available in South-East London - North Kent - Medway - possibly on Wave spots when windy (Camber, Worthing & Avon & K-Bay areas).

Product Spec:

Brand: Powerex

Length: 370 (base) cm

Range of use: Recreational/Wave

Product description

I am selling my Powerex 370 mast base (90% prepreg carbon) as I am not using it (back-up mast). Very good condition, no shocks. I think it can match Ezzy mast as well. (photo for info, I need to take some of my mast!)

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