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Lukasz Zajdowski Lukasz Zajdowski
Location: Rhosneigr
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Simmer BLACKTIP 4.2 2012

Date Added: 24∙Jan∙2015

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Selling Details

Location: Rhosneigr, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: upgrated to 2014

Postage: Postage @ £20

Returns no returns

Product Spec:

Brand: Simmer

Sail Area: 4.2 m

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

Very good condition! regular minor signs of use! Very well looked after! Never repaired. Private use only. Fantastic waveriding machine, one of most popular sails on the market, 4 battens, durability + performance + light weight in one sail!

Owner Review

The Blacktip is an ultra light, soft and compact outline four batten wave sail, designed for ideal performance with multi-fin boards. Its low aspect ratio keeps the power where it easily can be controlled and two kevlar stretch control tendons secure the profile stability. Equipped with large panels of 2 MIL Q-ply for super light and smooth handling. Designed and developed by Tomas Persson in close collaboration with Klaas Voget, the 2012 Blacktip presents the best drive and maneuverability in our wave sail range.

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