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Starboard Evo IQ 71 Wood Carbon 2012

Date Added: 14∙Jun∙2013

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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: courier or collect

Product Spec:

Brand: Starboard

Volume: 71 Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

2012 Starboard Evo IQ 71 Wood Carbon

First released in 2003, the Evos have defined the modern, compact, wave board design.
The Evos' nature is to be smooth, fluid and most importantly, versatile in all wave riding conditions and for a wide range of users. Whether riding big waves or small onshore mush, the Evos are versatile. The Evo name has become synonymous with the ability to wave ride anywhere, anytime.
In 2010, the Evo benefitted from the multi-fin concept and the Adaptability concept. Both improve the Evos' ability to cover an incredibly wide range of conditions.
Freestyle-influenced riders like Philip Koster and Taty Frans specifically prefer the Evo for their ability to rip in all conditions, particularly in smaller waves, where the modern wave rider typically mixes up pure wave rides with freestyle moves off the wave face.
The Evo convert between twin fin and single fin mode.
The versatile wave board
Enjoys big sideshore conditions as much as it rips in small onshore conditions
The preferred choice for modern wave riders who also mix in freestyle-driven moves

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