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Starboard Wood Carbon Flare 111 2012

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Location: New Forest District, GB

Condition: New

Postage: courier or collect

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Brand: Starboard

Volume: 111 Ltrs

Product description

2012 Starboard Flare 111l

The Flares are Starboard's dedicated pro-level freestyle boards, designed and backed by the world's best freestyle team.

Freestyle boards require an interesting blend of riding characteristics: they need to be very quick to accelerate and feel compact in both aerial and sliding maneuvers; they need to pop air easily and carve and respond quickly to the rider's moves. Of all boards, they need to be the lightest yet remain extremely strong. To finish off, a freestyle board needs to be perfectly balanced and aggressive enough to invite its riders to go bigger, faster and stronger with confidence while being forgiving enough to help him or her finish each move.
The Flares excel in each of these criteria. They also come in more sizes than any other freestyle board range, catering for riders of all ages and all sizes.
Dedicated freestyle boards
Most compact and quickest to accelerate
Designed to generate lots of pop off flat water and be highly responsive with a direct, aggressive feel
The small freestyle fin, the thick tail and centered straps require a good freestyle skill-level and a vertical riding style

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