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Kevin Hargreaves Kevin Hargreaves
Location: Newcastle-upon_tyne
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Toyota Hiace 2.4L SWB

Date Added: 09∙May∙2014

New Message about Toyota Hiace 2.4L SWB

Selling Details

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Just started family and need a family car, not a van!

Postage: Collection only.

Product Spec:

Brand: Toyota

Mileage: 119k Miles

Product description

A white Toyota Hiace, SWB 2.4L diesel, N-reg (1996). Only got 119k on the clock, so many more miles left in her yet. MOTd til December, Taxed til September.

Despite its age, its bodywork is in good condition, with only a little rust on the front wheel arches and some on the tailgate, but the rest is all good. I racked it out to carry my boards (fits 3) sails (currently 6) and booms, as well as all necessary hardware (masts, booms, fins...) as well having a wet area to hang wet wetsuits, whilst still having room to get changed in and to sleep. I can also fit 2 bikes in (with wheels on) or 3 (wheels removed) so is ideal for anyone windsurfers who also like to get out MBing. This racking would all still be left in the van, but you could rip it all out and start again!

It had new battery in Jan 2014, and new front tyres last year

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