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Charlie Baker Charlie Baker
Location: East Sheen - West London
Member since March 2013


VW T4 windsurf camper

Date Added: 24∙Mar∙2013

New Message about VW T4 windsurf camper

Selling Details

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Raising cash for wedding

Postage: Pickup from West London. Viewings invited. Charlie – 07967 046770

Product Spec:

Brand: VW T4

Mileage: 243000 Miles

Product description

My legendary VW T4 for Sale – £3,000 o.n.o.
I converted my T4 to a windsurf specific camper but selling to raise cash for my wedding.

- Rock ‘n’ Rolla bed: folds up with legal seatbelts, or down for a full length bed

- false wall for kit storeage down one side. I store my 9ft SUP, freestyle and wave board, 3 masts, 6 sails, 2 booms and all bits down the side, keeping the inside of the van dry and sand free

- under the bed there is loads of space. Enough for 4 kites, or tubs for UJ, mastfoot etc

- cabinet and chest at the front for clothes, bedding, food, cooker etc

- been officially converted through the DVLA to a campervan. Cheaper insurance and legal to drive inside the low emissions zone in London

-full service history

- MOT just done and valid for 12 months

- 6 months tax paid

- 243,000 miles on the clock. Our other van of the same vintage has more the 450,000 and still going strong!

- tow-bar

- tailgate

- fully lined and insulated

- pretty furnishings. Bed is in red cord, roof fabric covered, curtains on side window, tailgate window and at front

- skimboard table

- some marks on the bodywork and bumpers but nothing too bad.

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