Inside Boards Autumn Winter Issue – Plus Video Test Previews

It’s almost deadline day here in the Boards office and we can assure you we have been working around the clock to bring you one of the best magazines to date. This Autumn Winter Wave issue is all about getting up close and personal with the world’s best; being inspired, motivated and learning through their incredible experiences.

As always we have travel stories, technique and windsurfing advice, plus the much loved equipment section. More details about the magazine as a whole will be released very soon, but for now the Boards and Boardseeker testing team would like to present two brand new items that will be tested in the magazine: the F2 Axxis and the Goya 118 Quad. 

F2 Axxis
Goya 84 and 118


F2 Axxis


Goya 118

Check out the test preview videos below:

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Testing: F2 Axxis preview a Windsurfing video by boardseeker