5 of the Best Moments from BWA 2013

On previous windless days BWA events have included go carting, sand castle making, guiness drinking and of course, windsurfing coaching and top tips from the pros. But in 2013 Sam Bittner brought a new idea across the pond: the board toss.

Basic rules? Through an old board as far as you can, the one who gets it the furthest wins.

Now, hundreds of eager competitors could battle it out to see who really is the biggest tosser. The tall and long limbed proved to have an advantage with the likes of Sam Bittner, Sam Neal and Alfie Hart excelling. If there is indeed another windless event in 2014 we are sure the board toss will make it’s triumphant return.

Sam Bittner, board toss. Image credit Si Crowther.

Stay tuned as we will soon have another five of our highlights from 2013…

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