5 Reasons Baja Rocked

Victoria Abbott, an english windsurfer now residing in Cape Verde, recently took part in the AWT (American Windsurfing Tour) stop in Baja, Mexico. Here’s a quick write up from Vickey – 5 reasons Baja event rocked!

Victoria Abbott at AWT Baja. Image credit Si Crowther/AWT.

1. Getting to sail, surf and sup with some of the most amazing females I’ve ever met. They were all absolutely outstanding sailors not to mention crazy, wild, fun and friendly.

2. The conditions were firing, if ever there was a reason to compete its getting to sail with just 4 people in mast high empty line ups eerrrr couldn’t get much better than that

3. The whole AWT crowd are the friendliest group of windsurfers I ever met, it was like hanging out with a huge group of friends I´d known for years, I forgot I was the newbie on the block.

4. Well the camping in the desert, there’s certainly no Gucci …. anything goes even pink thongs (Tony Litki)!

5. The party bus rocks and the Mexican Federales are still trying to work out what hit them with the wildly flirtatious Bittner/McAnena/Abbott dream road trippin’ team.

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