5 Reasons Gollito is Awesome

As Boards announced yesterday the freestyle master, Gollito Estredo is coming to the UK in a few short weeks for the National Watersports Festival. So, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate Gollito’s awesomeness…

1. A few years ago a little movie called Four Dimensions came out. Filmed and produced by none other than the inspiring Andre Paskowski, Gollito truly showed what he could do….

2. And then there was Rewarded. One word: incredible.

REWARDED from Andre Paskowski on Vimeo.

3. Plus, he can do this…

4. And this…

Gollito Estredo

5. All whilst being too damn cool for school. And now he’s coming to the UK for NWF, which is simply awesome. 

Bring on NWF!

What are you going to ask the champion? And what would you like to see him pull off on the water?

If you haven’t booked your ticket yet you can do it here.

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