Baker’s Choice

Nik Baker is one of the UK’s most successful windsurfers, ever. Having moved back to home shores a few years ago Nik now heads up the K66 team and Fanatic/NorthSails/ION distribution over here.

Despite stepping away from pro competition Baker still rips on his home patch of Shoreham and around the UK.

The Fanatic TriWave. In Maui, not Shoreham.

Fanatic 2015

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  4. Fanatic TriWave 2015
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As Fanatic release their 2015 equipment, we asked Baker which is board of choice from the new range. It was a simple choice…

“I’m loving the new 2015 Fanatic graphics, the fades are awesome.

“I use the TriWave mostly as it does everything I need it to: it’s fast and easy to get planing, it jumps really well, has amazing control and turns insanely tightly without stalling or slowing down.

“It’s perfect, even for the smaller, mushy surf we have around the UK waters.

“What more could I ask for!”

Check out more about the newly released Fanatic 2015 range in the Boards series, info to the right.

The Fanatic TriWave




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