Boards in Gran Canaria

Boards previously announced that we would be providing Live coverage in conjunction with the PWA, now we have more information for you…

PWA Gran Canaria will be covered Live on the Mpora Live platform http://live.mpora.com/ which has previously been used to provide coverage for a range of high profile sporting events.

The Boards and Boardseeker coverage from Gran Canaria can be viewed here – http://live.mpora.com/pwa-gran-canaria

Mpora is the social platform developed by Factory Media, who own both Boards and Boardseeker, therefore the Live coverage will be promoted on both websites. Further coverage will then be done for each website, with Boards concentrating on the progress of the British guys, where as Boardseeker will provide you with, as always, a more international feel.

PWA Gran Canaria - Mpora Live

What can you do on the Mpora Live platform?

Watch – the Live stream and the highlights when the Live stream is not on.

Vote – in the Polls and have your say on who will be winning, what move could be next and much more.

Follow – the Live ticker. This will not be the PWA ticker, we will focus on bringing you slightly different information that is not already covered.

Interact – get involved in the Live chat on the ticker, ask what ever you like and the Boards and Boardseeker team will get your questions answered.

Invite – your friends into the chat and share the streaming.

So check out the stream and tell us what you want to know from Gran Canaria!

Check out the video of Koester in action from Boards on the next page…

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