Boards at the Olympics: Day Six

Bryony Shaw had a fantastic day today, with her first race win and a fifth position. This means it’s still possible, if the leading girls make mistakes that Bryony can take home a medal.

Bryony Shaw. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

“Today was marginal winds, when it’s like that you have to make a call whether to sail off the fin or put the daggerboard down upwind.

The first race I won the pin so shot off, made an initial gain and crossed in front of the fleet, which was a nice position to be in. The rest of the race was then all about trying to stay with the girl from Finland, I had a great downwind leg. A couple of the girls, from the Ukraine and Brazil came back at me, but I managed to race on to first. I was racing really well in terms of positioning and tactics, it’s just a bit different from sailing on the fin.

I found my turbo button!

It was really hard work today because of the light winds. In the second race I was in a leading position, but pressure came from behind the girls were catching me up. I lost my lead and then it was a lot of hard work just on the final stage before the gate, a couple of the girls sneaked around the gate in front so I went from second to fifth.

I am still seventh overall, but the points are much closer. I’ve done a good to be in an attacking position, I am pretty sure the girls in the medal positions extended away, especially Finland, she had a great day with a fifth and a first. We both had a good day, she’s even closer to silver now but you never know. If I can attack on Tuesday anything is possible.”

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