Boards at the Olympics: Interviews

Boards caught up with Dorian and Nick after their race wins yesterday. All images © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth.

Firstly Boards caught up with a very focussed Nick Dempsey: 

Nick Dempsey looking for a medal. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

The First Start and Race

“As the wind shifted left and they keep laying port biased lines, it was just a nightmare. The wind dropped and made the line even more port biased, so it was impossible to get off the line and a lot of people were tacking out. I missed a couple of opportunities up the first beat, I didn’t take any risks and paid the price really.”

Nick Dempsey over taking. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

Second Race

“I’m quick, I know I’m quick. Especially downwind I am rapid, which is really good, it just makes it frustrating at times too. The  main difference in the second race was that I got off the line! The wind had also picked up a little as well and I know once I am powered up I am quick.”

Nick Dempsey. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

Lay Day Plans

“I will probably sail a little, go to the gym, go to the physio and just prepare for the next races. I’m feeling good, alright and ready. I just need the chance.”

Nick Dempsey. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

Next some (slightly sarcastic at times, we hope!) words from a very relaxed and happy Dutchman:

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