BWA Ireland – Day Two

18:41 – All fleets called to meet at Gowlane at 9:00am tomorrow, looking the best day for possible competition. Boards will be there with all the latest…

14.05 – all fleets are released for the day. Not enough wind and waves for competition for any fleets. More information released later today about potential competition tomorrow.

11:00 – pro sailors are released of the day as the conditions don’t look good enough. All other fleets are kept on hold with the next announcement at 13.00.

10:30 – head judge Duncan Coombs is currently checking out Inch about half an hour away from Brandon. The winds are looking light, but if there is a chance today it could be there.

9:45 – Good morning from day two in Ireland. The wind is looking light today, but competition is still possible. All sailors are meeting at 10:00am this morning, more info to follow.


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