BWA – Quick Fire with the Pros & VOTE For Your Winner


Steve Thorp

Steve Thorp. Image credit Matthew Burridge.

Are you going?

I want to but possibly maybe not. For Wales the registering on Thursday morning could be a spanner in the works, as it may mean two days off work to not be windsurfing and that’s not going to happen. If the forecasts good I’ll be there, whether I can turn up late for the weekend I’m not sure? Then for Ireland, it clashes with my wife Trudies Birthday, so it’s pretty much out the window.

What fleet are you competing in?

It would be the pros, although I’m even older than Kelly Slater.

What equipment are you taking?

The awesome Hot Sails KS3s, my Moo customs which almost seems like cheating they’re so damn good, 2 masts, 1 boom and a massive stash of k4fins.

What conditions are you hoping for?

Solid 4.3 weather the whole time. Southerly, logo high, that would be nice… without being too fussy. But anything that provides an exciting contest would be great.

How have you been preparing/training for the events?

At home in the UK as usual chasing weekend forecasts, but this year that’s probably an advantage, it’s been epic.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I get very motivated when it’s going off. Not so pumped if it’s onshore jumping but I usually get back into it after a couple of days.

Who’s your biggest rival?

Any of the other weekend warriors, so I guess James Cox, Alfy, maybe we should have our own WW cup.

What position finish are you aiming for?

Just behind the full timers, as usual.

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