BWA – Quick Fire with the Pros & VOTE For Your Winner


Sam Neal is one of the ‘young’ rippers, challenging to top. He has improved an incredible amount over the past couple of years and could cause a real upset:

Are you going?

Yes to both Ireland and Wales.

What fleet are you competing in?

Pro fleet.

What equipment are you taking?

All my Simmer gear which is everything from my big equipment to my small stuff.

Sam Neal

What conditions are you hoping for?

Side shore and bigger than knee high would be awesome.

How have you been preparing/training for the events?

Winter training in Cape Town.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Better when it’s windy, not so good when it’s small and light.

Who’s your biggest rival?

Everyone is sailing pretty good in the Pro fleet this year so every heat is gonna be tough!

What position finish are you aiming for?

Top 5 or better.

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