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Timo Mullen

Timo Mullen

Are you going?

Doesn’t look like it at the moment, I can only really go for Saturday and Sunday as i got to work on Thursday and Friday, the new BWA rules state you have to be at the contest site for the first day of registration so i’m not allowed to enter just for the weekend I would love to be more committed to the BWA Tour but my work pays for all my other trips in the year. It’s a shame as it looks like Rhossi is gonna pump! Gutted!

What fleet are you competing in?

Was hoping Pro fleet but I think i’ll need to start a self employed category!

What equipment are you taking?

If i go i’d take everything! Starboard Quads 100,92,87 and 74 and Kodes 92,87,82 and 77, then sails Severne S1 5.7 then Blades from 5.3-3.3, not much!!

What conditions are you hoping for?

I don’t mind really as long it isn’t light, onshore and small waves, that’s a lottery for everyone!

How have you been preparing/training for the events?

Nope! Just windsurfing as much as possible and enjoying our amazing sport, hopefully spending the majority of the winter in UK will help!

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My weakness is going somewhere with a better forecast than the contest which doesn’t help me much! My strengths are I guess I got the best equipment compared to the other guys ha ha!!

Who’s your biggest rival?

Everyone is good and can beat you on the day so I treat everyone the same.

What position finish are you aiming for?

Always happy to make the final and by that stage I think with fleet we have any position after that is a good result.

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