Freeride, Performance or Full Slalom?

The AtomIQ

AtomIQ: Our new baby, the super-slim freerider that is primarily about a massive, massive wind range. To understand the shape concept fully, it needs to be compared both by volume and by width. For the same given width, it’s thinner so it will be lighter, more responsive, more maneuverable and control better in high winds. For the same volume, it will be wider and thinner, so more stable, more powerful in the bottom end with better upwind and overtaking abilities.

I recommend the AtomIQ for those looking for a wide-wide-wind range freeride board that’s fast and exciting in many conditions. It can be both the super aggressive carve jiber and the more stable jiber all in one, because of it’s slim profile concept. I wouldn’t recommend the AtomIQ to those looking for racing style performance.

Find out more about the Starboard AtomIQ here.

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