Freeride, Performance or Full Slalom?

The iSonic

iSonic: it’s our full on racing machine, arguably one of the most iconic boards in modern windsurfing. Every year, the iSonic is our technological flagship, the range where we bake in our latest design details that later filter down the range. It has the widest wind range of all, the highest average and top end speeds, and the sharpest, quickest accelerations.

The downside: you need to be comfortable with riding in outboard footstrap positions. Once you’re confident with that, it’s actually surprising how friendly the iSonics are. I recommend for those who are slalom professionals to above-average freeride skills, happy to use full-outboard strap positions and frustrated at the performance ceiling of their current freerider. I wouldn’t recommend it for freeriders who are not using the most outboard position on their current freeride board.

Find out more about the Staboard iSonic here. 

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