Shapers Talk Shop

In the latest edition of Boards printed magazine (the Spring Summer Flatwater Annual 2014 – available here) Adrian Jones sat down with many of the world’s top shapers to talk freeride design past and present.

As stated in the issue, we will slowly launch the full interview online starting off with if the future off freeride is going wider and thinner, do SUPs have a place within windsurfing and comparing boards of now to 10 years ago.

The Panel:

Fanatic – Sebastian Wenzel (SW)

Simmer – Ola Helenius (OH)

Starboard – Tiesda You (TY)

Goya – Francisco Goya (FG)

JP – Werner Gnigler (WG)

Tabou – Fabien Vollenweider (FV)

The Questions:

1. Thinner and wider?

2. SUP in windsurfing?

3. Multi-fins for freeride?

4. 10 years til now?

5. Why aren’t ranges getting smaller?