Homegrown Talent – 6 Up and Coming Riders To Watch Out For

Homegrown Windsurfing Talent - 5 Riders To Watch Out For

The UK is full of young, up and coming windsurfing talent.

Here Boards catches up with just 6 of these talents, of course there’ll be many more to come in the near future…

Nic Hibdige

Nic Hibdige

Sail number: K700

DOB: 22/09/95

Number of years windsurfing: around 10

Plans for 2014: After the EFPT here in Lanzarote, I will go straight to Fuerteventura for a few weeks training before the upcoming worldcup there. I will probably go back to England for a while after, to earn some money and then maybe PWA Sylt and another EFPT. Then ill aim to find some work again so I can go away for the winter to train. I would like to go to Bonaire for another 3 months.

Nic Hibdige

Why I love windsurfing: I love windsurfing for the sick sessions. The feeling I get from this sport is like no other. Freestyle has endless opportunities of learning and creating.

Future goals: My ambitions and goals are to keep enjoying the sport as much as I do for the rest of my life and to try and be able to travel and compete with windsurfing as my career. I now want to grow into the PWA tour and push my level as high as I can.

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