John Skye – One Hell Of A Rider of the month

Boards: Aside from the sails what’s new from RRD this year?
JS: We are working on a completely new line of booms and extensions, which look and work great. We also have a SUPER light weight mast that should be ready pretty soon. In fact the whole range is looking better and better all the time.

Boards: Finally, can you tell us a little about your clinics?
JS: For the moment I think we will focus on the Morocco clinic. It has been super successful every year. Its so much easier for everyone, as you are based in one amazing spot, you don’t need to move around and the conditions are excellent. Plus it’s a much cheaper option from most of Europe, which is our main customer base. Check it out at

Boards: Thanks for the interview and any last words?
JS: No problem! Whilst thinking about all this, past present and future it seems like a good place to thank some people. So in no particular order…. Jem Hall, Kyle McGinn, Nik Green, John Carter, Dave White, Tatsy, Jon Popkiss, Roberto Ricci, Tony Tiffen, all my sponsors along the way, all my chums along the way and biggest thanks to my parents for not making me get a “proper” job! And lastly to Nayra for marrying me!

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