Video and more: Muzza in Vassiliki

Chris Murray has just returned from a trip over to Vassiliki, Boards finds out about why Muzza loves Vass and checks out a very cool little video…

I’ve just been to the Neilson Cosmos resort in Vassiliki.  It’s a great spot to go windsurfing as my girlfriend and I can windsurf together, so it keeps us both happy! Plus it’s windy every day!

There was so much to do, from mountain biking, to windsurfing, SUP tours, kayaking, a BBQ, sailing and even bit wakeboarding.

Top 5 Reasons To Go To Vass

1 There is light wind in morning and strong in afternoon every day, so it’s perfect for everyone to learn and improve.

2 Brilliant tuition from beginner to your first forward loop

3 The mountain biking is epic! There are new trails that are awesome and brilliant bikes, they’ve even got full suspension now too!

4 Really friendly start week not knowing anyone but by end you talking to every one as you’ve been doing activities with them all week.

5 It’s sunny, hot, windy and they have got great equipment!

Find out more about Neilson Holidays here.