Reporting Live from BWA Rhosniegr: Day Three

A fantastic night was had by all and now a few sore heads are surfacing in Rhosneigr. Unfortunately the conditions today are looking very light, so it is doubtful that any competition will take place today. All still have their fingers crossed, but we could be looking at no action until all the competitors reach the West of Ireland.

Boards will keep you updated to any changes through the day, keep your eyes peeled!

The competition has now been called off in Rhosneigr, competitors are either making their way across to Ireland or home. The early finish has meant earlier ferries for most and the potential of starting the competition a lot earlier in Ireland tomorrow.

Duncan Coombes thinks the forecast is looking positive, with Mossies or Shittys looking like they could have swell and decent wind, meaning we could be looking at the competition starting tomorrow afternoon or evening. A north westerly wind, picking up in the evening looks like similar conditions to what we had last year. Registration and then skippers meeting is now at 10am tomorrow.

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