Road Trippin’ The US of A – 15 Must Visit Windsurfing Spots

Canadian Hole

The aptly named Canadian Hole comes alive in spring when hundreds of cheap beer swilling Canucks come pouring over the border. (Just kidding, Canadians – we love cheap beer, too.) Best in SW sea breezes or frontal-driven NE winds (which are slightly offshore.) Watch out for the way-too-shallow sandbar immediately off the beach to you’re right. It’s pretty hard to miss…

Buxton Slick

Just down the street from Canadian Hole is the Buxton Slick, which comes alive for freestyle in west winds. You’ll need a short freestyle fin to really sail here, and you’re going to want to see 24+ out of the west. But when you score it, it’s popping and sliding galore.

Nag’s Head

In the northern part of the OBX (that’s short for “Outer Banks”, and you’ll see it on stickers everywhere…) is Nag’s Head, where sea breezes funnel into a true gale-force (gale force) blow. If it’s light down at the Hole, check the sensors and see what’s happening up here.

Your House, Anywhere 

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