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Location: Moulay, Morocco

The famous ‘down the line’ wave riding spot, Moulay, is situated 25 Km north of  Essaouri . The area is built around windsurfing and kitesurfing, and combined with the un spoilt quaint charm of the surrounding, here is a place where you can throw yourself into a pure mix of windsurfing and relaxation.


The conditions provide awesome 3.7 – 4.5 sailing conditions.

The water is on the cool side, so a 2/3 mm wetsuit is recommended, but it’s not a cold windsurfing spot as the warm air compensates.

In the winter, the waves are big and powerful, around 2.5 meters, but decrease in size and power over the summer months.

Downwind from the usual launching spot is a sandy beach, so if you break and drift, you wont become a cast away.

The wind in Moulay is created from a northerly thermal, which blows cross on-shore from the north east (starboard). If you see any direction other than north or north east on the forecast, the wind wont blow, it’s as simple as that.

Equipment, packages and contact: For all the information on this destination, plus many more from Planet Windsurf please contact them directly on their website or on the phone 01273921001.


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