The Boards Myth Buster – It’s All About 4 Fins

A Big Van – I really need a van to windsurf here in the UK, a car just won’t fit everything in it.


Jony Price explains why…

The Fiesta loaded and ready to go…

“Do you need a big van? No!

I drive a 3 door Ford Fiesta and it fits all the kit I could possibly need.

It has roof racks but that jacks up the fuel consumption, so I don’t bother using them unless I have a passenger. There isn’t much need for them as inside it fits:

Packing the car for Tiree

2 windsurf boards (68 + 75)

2 surf boards


6 sails

3 masts

1 boom

As well as all my wetsuits, harness, accessories, bags of clothes etc

All this and I can still sleep full length very comfortably (honestly!!) down the drivers side. This year 3 of us went to the BWA event in Tiree in it with all our kit!! I was comfortable the whole journey, although I cant say the same for Megan Gayda who was squeezed into the back seat…”

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